Egypt has a unique location

It is located in the north-eastern part of Africa connecting this huge continent with the middle east; as Egypt also counts as an Arab country.

The borders of the main Egyptian land in Africa are in touch with Sudan on the south and Libya in the west. Sinai peninsula is the only part of Egypt that is located in Asia, which shares borders with Israel. This is exactly where the connection between the two continents lies.

Egypt would be a great summer holiday country. The Mediterranean sea is found in the north, while the Red sea is found in the east. Therefore, there would be plenty of holiday cities and amusing water activities.

Saudi Arabia and Yemen lie across the Red sea in Asia, while Turkey, Cyprus, and Greece are found across the Mediterranean sea.

Ancient Egypt is one of the richest topics in history, so let’s discover how Egypt is located where it is now.

During the new kingdom era (1570-1070 BC), the Egyptian kingdom covered a lot of land south, which included today’s countries: Sudan and Ethiopia. It also expanded east fighting its way all the way to today’s Syria.

Next, when the Greek and Roman invaded ancient Egypt, they started off in 330 BC as a huge empire consisting of today’s Egypt, Cyprus, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, and Turkey. At the end of their invasion in 629 AD, Egypt consisted only of Egypt and Libya.

Ten years later in 641 AD, Islam was first introduced in Egypt and their rule started. This era is known as the Medieval ages of Egypt.

The countries involved fluctuated between today’s Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Israel and parts of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, and Sudan. It depended on the ruler and the battles they won and lost.

Ottoman Egypt grew between the 16th and 20th century. It was ruled by Muhammad Ali, who leads Egypt through successes and losses. There was a war between Egypt and Saudi. In addition to the influence of Turkey in Egypt during that time.

This era shaped Egypt and it ended with a revolution in 1952 and it was the start of the Republic of Egypt; (today’s Egypt).

Egypt today is the 31st largest country in the world area-wise. It covers one million kilometers squared.

If it wasn’t for the Nile river that runs through the middle of Egypt vertically, Egypt would have been a desert. It is Egypt’s treasure for a lot of years. It helped transform it into fertile land for ancient Egyptians to live in.

Nonetheless, that does not change the fact that over ninety percent of Egypt’s land still is a part of the Sahara Desert.

Egypt’s location reflects on its climate. The temperature varies drastically depending on the location and season.

Egypt generally has a relatively mild winter and a hot summer. Egyptian cities lying on both seas can also get very humid. Egyptian deserts are usually very hot during the day and get very cold at night.

The location of Egypt helped it pack a lot of history and culture!

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